Pushing forward reluctantly.

How many caterpillars must I become?


To listen to my heart. And it says it wants to run. Lol.

Good morning!

🌝’s & 🌚’s.

Finished! Time for a power nap. Lol.

Finished! Time for a power nap. Lol.



… Burning more than midnight oil.

Beginning of something…

Beginning of something…

I see u, UMI, testing me. I see u. >_>


Being a Gemini can be a nuisance at times. Lol. Going from happiness to sadness to philosophical to destitute to loving to irritable is a bit much. Lol. My moods can be a breeze or a hurricane.

I think it’s this new lifestyle of nutrition, too. I feel like I’ll be giving up meat soon or only eating grass-fed and it upsets me to give up something.

Lol. Albeit, I’ve been going months without and only had it a handful of times in those months.

Plus, no more junk food… I’m craving donuts and a milkshake something serious, in addition to cookies. UMI help me through this struggle. Lmao.

Ticking time bomb.

Plant sitting has been balancing me out, that, along with cleaning. My therapy through these trying times.

Can I just have 2 packs of mini crunch donuts in peace?

Cup: How much letting go must one do?

Teapot: As much as possible.

Emptiness - G. Arthur ©2014

Pray for me.

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