We’re in this together.
Stay the path.
Mind’s Eye
The words we choose, reflect our reality more than we care to admit. -M.
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Never Never (feat. Sampha) // SBTRKT

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Clearly I should have been asleep by now. Gotta learn to control this energy and mind more.

31-day challenge and detox. Taking a break from social media and technology. Building this foundation and empire from the ground up. It will require clarity, focus, discipline, hard and smart work, consistency, punctuality along with drive.

Need to increase my speeds, efficiency, along with a list of other characteristics.

Now that I am in this space of balance, organization, plus routine, are pivotal.

Going through these transformations is amazing, though.

Seeing where I make my mistakes and creating solutions.

Usually I’m so hard on myself that it lowers my vibe, yet, in these current moments, I see I’m gentler. More patient and not rushing. Relinquishing control.

I’m also up because I binged on sugar, probably. >_> 4 apples and a pack of oatmeal cookies(smh, my kryptonite). I’ve made improvements in terms of snacking and sweets.

Being more conscious of my slip-ups. Ego is being stripped, scared, uncertain of where these huge, small steps will take me. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Once I break out of this cocoon of old habits, I’ll have a handle on creating new ones, for successful living.

Succeeding already. :)

Night, suns & moons.





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i’ll eat my fruit how i want lol

Ugh. Omg. Opened up a pomegranate for the 1st time two days ago. I don’t like to have to remove seeds from anything. Lol. I get the raw unshelled sunflower seeds. Thought about taking the high road with it and favor the process, with patience and practice. Then, I was realistic. More time then I’d like to commit to. Heh. It’ll probably be a twice a year fruit for me. Haha.

They do.

They do.

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Ghost in the Shell (1995)

This is in my top 5.

Akira is number 1. (^з^)-☆

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People like us, we understand the feeling from our guts more than the voices in our heads. We spend most of our time trying to find the opening to our souls and what keeps us going is the possibility of finally reaching home.
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Today was interesting, to say the least.

Attempting to navigate with the internal guide, being open to the frequencies and feeling it out.

Certain colors would jump out, so the butterfly followed the nectar.

Linked with two of my peoples. Built with them. Exchanged info and perspectives. Gained more insight, inspiration, info and motivation from them.

Learning how powerful we are through the choices we make, language we use, perceptions, thoughts we think, what we feel and are intentions.

It’s crazy how energies and our souls work. My hue is yellow for this season, most definitely. Working my way towards purple. That’s my Queen’s fav.

Being melanated is a blessing. Still wrapping my head around how this ethnic division is heavily set. Even the usage of the term racism disturbs me. I feel it’s the same as ratchet. It perpetuates a culture. Granted, that culture lacks and has been around longer than I have been on this planet, however, it’s of a low vibration.

We must transmute it into a new prospect that better serves humanity.

Idk. My mind is somewhere. Just excited about how things are unfolding.

Life is good. The shifts are happening. Staying hopeful and positive.

Only taking in what serves my higher purpose.

Taking better of my hair, especially with the change in seasons. This will be my first true fall and winter applying veritable natural practices.

Made considerable strides within a year. Thankful and appreciative. Always. Can only imagine what spring will bring. Probably repeating myself from my last post. But, I am also embracing mistakes. So here goes nothing.

Winging it. Enjoying this flight.

May we all rise to the highest summit.

What was resonating with me this evening as I transition into this yellow chakra.

Connected with a fellow brother and he put me on to the levels I vibrate on. Blue and green.

From the heart, I communicate.

Love and light.

Peace and blessings.

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